Most enterprises are yet to adopt Kubernetes

While we believe that the best solution for delivering a private instance of your application is to have your customers install it into their existing Kubernetes cluster with Replicated Ship, we know that most enterprises aren’t ready for this.

Until they are, you can deliver a multi-node software appliance that provides your customer with everything they need to deploy, manage and update your application.

Streamlined deployment and updates


Install your appliance into varying environments including VPC’s, Datacenters, or Airgap machines.


Inspect environments via Preflight Checks and verify configuration inputs via Test Procedures.


Deliver seamless updates that can be applied automatically or manually depending on customer workflows.

Extend your application with enterprise features and functionality

Beyond deploying and managing your on-prem instances Replicated bundles your appliance with LDAP/AD integration, snapshot/restore functionality, audit logging, license enforcement, a metrics dashboard and more.

A great Vendor experience

Manage all your deployments. Push and manage releases. Create and manage customers. Troubleshoot support issues.

  • Release channels
  • Customer license management
  • Entitlement delivery
  • Troubleshoot
  • Audit logging

Deliver into existing enterprise deployment pipelines

In some cases you can expect your enterprise customers to have an existing Kubernetes cluster. Use Replicated Ship to integrate your application into existing deployment workflows.