Embracing On-prem Delivery with DevOps, Jama Software

The video above is a talk from the DevOpsDays Seattle 2019 event. In the presentation, Maarika Krumhansl, an Engineering Manager at Jama Software, describes the company’s evolution to create a continuous deployment pipeline to both SaaS and on-prem environments by leveraging Docker and Replicated. We’ve captured some of the highlights below, but this video is

HashiCorp Webinar – Delivering Terraform Enterprise On-prem (Recording)

In the Fall of 2019, Replicated CEO, Grant Miller, sat down with Evan Phoenix, a lead engineer at HashiCorp, to discuss how they deliver Terraform Enterprise with Replicated. During this webinar, you’ll get overviews of both Replicated and Terraform, followed by a detailed screenshare of how HashiCorp leverages the core Replicated Vendor features to deliver

Taking Code Climate Enterprise from a Docker image to a modern software product

This is a guest post by Noah Davis, co-founder of Code Climate. Used by over 100,000 projects, and analyzing over 2 billion lines of code daily, Code Climate incorporates fully-configurable test coverage and maintainability data throughout the development workflow, making quality improvement explicit, continous, and ubiquitous. Code Climate was founded in 2011 as a hosted

Don’t commit to selling SaaS. Commit to selling your product.

This is a guest post by Kathryn Murphy, EVP and General Manager of Pluralsight Flow, an engineering analytics platform that leverages data from code commits, pull requests, and tickets to help engineering leaders and teams move faster, optimize work patterns, and improve engineering workflows. Enterprise SaaS startups face a common dilemma when it comes to