Replicated automatic updates

We’ve recently shipped one of the most requested features in Replicated: the ability for Replicated to self-update! This isn’t enabled by default; read more about how the feature works and how to use it. Replicated Release Schedule Before jumping into how to implement this feature, we should discuss the planned and expected Replicated release schedule.

First look at Docker SwarmKit

I was planning to deploy a test environment for a new application today, then the release of Docker SwarmKit came. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to spend part of the day giving SwarmKit a try. This post is a very early look at my experience installing SwarmKit on EC2 servers. At Replicated we

Announcing FROM:latest

For the past year or so, we’ve been deploying Docker containers behind the firewall and have watched Docker change and mature a lot. The ecosystem has moved crazy-fast to produce a lot of good ideas about what makes a great Dockerfile. But there’s a lot to ingest and the art of crafting a Dockerfile is

Refactoring a Dockerfile for image size

Update Since this post, Docker has released improved support for writing complex and still maintainable Dockerfiles. Check out our blog post on multi-stage Docker builds. Original Post There’s been a welcome focus in the Docker community recently around image size. Smaller image sizes are being championed by Docker and by the community. When many images

Enhanced installation script

Today we released an enhanced installation script to allow your customers to more easily configure for proxy, Docker version requirements and interface selection. Each prompt is on a reasonable timer; if no selection is made the default is accepted and the installation proceeds. HTTP Proxy Identification Prompted during 100% of installations: Does this machine require