Put your application to the test with EnterpriseGrade

In November 2016, Replicated collaborated with our peers in the enterprise IT space to launch EnterpriseReady—a collection of advice and best practices on how to build SaaS applications with the types of features that enterprise buyers expect. Today, we’re taking that project a step further by launching EnterpriseGrade—a short but thorough questionnaire to assess how

Changing the enterprise software narrative

Today we launched EnterpriseReady. Our goal with this project is to change the enterprise narrative from “how to SELL to the enterprise” to "how to BUILD for the enterprise". But what does that mean exactly? From our perspective, too much of the conversation about enterprise software has been dominated with advice about to sell &

Announcing FROM:latest

For the past year or so, we’ve been deploying Docker containers behind the firewall and have watched Docker change and mature a lot. The ecosystem has moved crazy-fast to produce a lot of good ideas about what makes a great Dockerfile. But there’s a lot to ingest and the art of crafting a Dockerfile is

Travis CI founder: Beyond SaaS – building for enterprise

Recently, at GitHub Universe (GitHub’s user conference), Josh Kalderimis, co-founder of Travis CI gave a 40 minute talk about their experience of moving beyond SaaS & building for the Enterprise. Replicated is lucky to count Travis CI as one of our earliest customers, as a result part of his talk was about how they were

Replicated launches

In the summer of 2015, Replicated was launched publicly with the help of our customers, investors and the press. Travis CI, one of our first customers, provided a blog post about how they’re using Replicated to improve their containerized Enterprise version. How We Improved the Installation and Update Experience for Travis CI Enterprise. Tom Preston-Werner,