New Features Announced: Improvements to UX, host preflights support great product experience

In upcoming releases of the Replicated app manager and Kubernetes installer, we will introduce two exciting new features that we want you to be aware of. Neither of these changes necessarily requires any action from you, but we’d like to keep you in the loop about these changes and some exciting, related capabilities. Redesigned Admin

NEW: Log In to Replicated Using Google Auth

New and existing Replicated users now have the ability to sign in to their vendor portal accounts using Google Authentication. This method of primary authentication is available to all accounts as an alternative to email/password-based authentication and SAML authentication (Enterprise accounts only).  This new capability streamlines the user sign in flow and makes it

Q&A with Replicated Product manager Alex Parker: The Challenges of “Day 1” Delivery of Kubernetes Apps for Enterprises – and How to Get It Right

So, you’re an enterprise admin who wants to run a modernized, Enterprise-ready app in your environment. Maybe you’re looking for something that helps capitalize on a new market opportunity or revenue stream for your business – mobile point of sale software or digital payments software. Or maybe you want cutting-edge software that can support key

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: December 2021

Wait a minute, what do we mean, “December”? It’s January! Yes, and Happy New Year! Like many of you, we took a little time off between the holidays to cozy up by a fire, sip some hot cocoa, and enjoy some much-needed time off with friends and family. We hope you won’t mind this update

End-to-End Prometheus Alerting Example with Replicated

Observability has emerged front-and-center in the DevOps toolkit for optimizing organizational performance and delivering high-output, high-quality software. Observability methods and tools are evolving rapidly, from scraping and sampling to tracing and indexing. Observability solutions provide visibility into critical health and performance indicators in your technology stack, bringing monitoring, alerting, and reporting together into one management

Announcing the New Replicated Beta Program

We’ve recently built the Replicated Beta Program!  Because we are inventors, designers, and tinkerers at heart, we are constantly iterating on the Replicated product. New capabilities, features, use cases — our imaginations for new Kubernetes (K8s) solutions are limitless. New ideas begin in an ‘alpha’ state where we incubate them among a small group of

Q&A with Replicated Product Manager Justin Nordeste: Geeking Out on “Day 0” for Kubernetes App Developers

We talk to developers every day and know what exceptional specialists they are at designing code to solve their customers’ challenges creatively. But when it comes to configuring and planning for that app to be installed ‘on-prem,’ tasks like installing a Kubernetes (K8s) cluster or setting up the app for delivery of future releases to

Improvements to Helm Hook Support Is Now GA

We have improved our support for Helm charts with additional supported “hooks” and “hook weights.” Replicated also updated its Helm chart install mechanism. Many Replicated vendors have existing investments in Helm, an open-source project that helps to manage Kubernetes apps. With this improved support for hooks and weights, Replicated further reduces the friction for onboarding

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: November 2021

Are you settling in yet to your autumn vibe? We are! Our team here at Replicated is really enjoying our apple ciders, campfires, and general fall coziness. Grab your favorite fall hot drink and tuck in to this quick recap of what the Replicated Product & Engineering teams have done to drive our roadmap with

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: October 2021

October was a big month in our space as we prepared for, sponsored, attended, and presented content at KubeCon 2021! We hope you were able to participate in the show in some way — in person or virtually. And as always, the Replicated Product & Engineering teams did not miss a beat in advancing our