Instance Reporting

Grant Miller
Dec 29, 2015

Replicated recently introduced a way to track the usage & updates for each license you issue to a customer (available for customer running Replicated versions 1.2.48 & higher). This is helpful when you’re supporting a customer or what to just have some insight as to how they’re using the license you provided to them.

You can view the number of times a license has been installed by navigating to the licenses page in the vendor portal. From there click on the name of the license.

replicated screenshot

By clicking on the “Instances” tab you’ll then be able to view the active and inactive instances of that license. You can click into a specific instances details by clicking the “…”. (Instances are marked as inactive after 24 hours has passed from their last checkin).

replicated licenses screenshot

On the instance page you’ll find the records for when each update was first applied (specifically when it first reported back to Replicated that it was applied). You’ll also find the active versions of the Replicated daemons.