Meet the New and Improved Replicated Help Center and Support Community

Marc Campbell
Mar 10, 2018

The Replicated Help Center is the definitive source of all information for distributing and installing applications with Replicated. Over the past few months, we’ve evaluated customer feedback on how they’re using the Help Center and what they’d like to see. And today, we’re announcing the best version of the Replicated Help Center yet—focused on helping application developers quickly package their applications on Replicated and distribute them to their customers.

how-to guide screenshot

Starring in our new help center are guides, which walk you through the process of deploying your first application with Replicated. Replicated supports distributing applications on Docker (via the native Replicated Scheduler), Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, and these show you in detail how to work with each scheduler.

We also have both expanded and streamlined the Help Center’s search functionality. One of the first things you might notice is the autocomplete functionality, which lets you find the information you need more quickly than ever before.

retraced events screenshot

The new Help Center provides quick access to the most relevant information for the scheduler you’re using. We’ve recategorized our documentation so, for example, users packaging their applications via the Replicated scheduler don’t also have to read instruction for doing so on Kubernetes. With the new Help Center, each scheduler’s documentation lives in it’s own section, and all documentation in each section is specific to that scheduler:

replicated portal screenshot

Finally, we are introducing a dedicated Replicated support community. It’s a place for Replicated users to compare notes with the community and the Replicated team about packaging applications, supporting customers, or getting help with using and installing Replicated. We’d love your feedback, so drop into the community and introduce yourself!

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