LDAP & Active Directory sync support

You can now offer your Replicated deployed enterprise customers user management through LDAP & Active Directory by integrating with Replicated’s Directory Service module. The first version of this feature supports LDAP 389 DS, Free IPA, Open LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory 2008 & 2012. We’ve done our best to simplify the integration pain points from

Custom branding for the dashboard

With the release of Replicated 1.2.73 you can now customize the look & feel of the dashboard of your on-prem customer experience. To get started visit the vendor portal app settings page. Branding is staged by channel, so that you can test your branding before shipping it to customers. If you remove the branding &

Enhanced installation script

Today we released an enhanced installation script to allow your customers to more easily configure for proxy, Docker version requirements and interface selection. Each prompt is on a reasonable timer; if no selection is made the default is accepted and the installation proceeds. HTTP Proxy Identification Prompted during 100% of installations: Does this machine require