Airgapped installation support

Replicated now supports three types of installation: direct connect, proxy and today we’re introducing air gapped installation. “Air gapped” basically means a server or network that is physically isolated and does not have outbound or inbound internet access. By default, Replicated installed applications require access to an outbound internet connection to check for updates &

Announcing FROM:latest

For the past year or so, we’ve been deploying Docker containers behind the firewall and have watched Docker change and mature a lot. The ecosystem has moved crazy-fast to produce a lot of good ideas about what makes a great Dockerfile. But there’s a lot to ingest and the art of crafting a Dockerfile is

Refactoring a Dockerfile for image size

Update Since this post, Docker has released improved support for writing complex and still maintainable Dockerfiles. Check out our blog post on multi-stage Docker builds. Original Post There’s been a welcome focus in the Docker community recently around image size. Smaller image sizes are being championed by Docker and by the community. When many images

Instance reporting

Replicated recently introduced a way to track the usage & updates for each license you issue to a customer (available for customer running Replicated versions 1.2.48 & higher). This is helpful when you’re supporting a customer or what to just have some insight as to how they’re using the license you provided to them. You

Travis CI founder: Beyond SaaS – building for enterprise

Recently, at GitHub Universe (GitHub’s user conference), Josh Kalderimis, co-founder of Travis CI gave a 40 minute talk about their experience of moving beyond SaaS & building for the Enterprise. Replicated is lucky to count Travis CI as one of our earliest customers, as a result part of his talk was about how they were

On-prem instance configuration page

One of the core features of Replicated is the ability for any application to present users with a configuration/settings page on which they can input values to be used to customize their instance. Generally, these settings include things like hostname, SSL certs, SMTP settings. Technical documentation config YAML. Preview with YAML This screen can be

1-click update experience

Replicated makes the process of providing your on-prem customers with your regular application updates as simple as possible. Whenever a release is promoted to a channel where existing customers are licensed, your customers will be able to update their instance with 1-click. For example, if you promote a release to the Stable channel (from the

Replicated launches

In the summer of 2015, Replicated was launched publicly with the help of our customers, investors and the press. Travis CI, one of our first customers, provided a blog post about how they’re using Replicated to improve their containerized Enterprise version. How We Improved the Installation and Update Experience for Travis CI Enterprise. Tom Preston-Werner,

License activation requirement

In order to ensure that your application and its images are only being used by the companies that you have authorized to do so, Replicated introduced a feature to tie a license to a specific email address. By so doing, the license file is no longer the single factor to access & run your application.

LDAP & Active Directory sync support

You can now offer your Replicated deployed enterprise customers user management through LDAP & Active Directory by integrating with Replicated’s Directory Service module. The first version of this feature supports LDAP 389 DS, Free IPA, Open LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory 2008 & 2012. We’ve done our best to simplify the integration pain points from