Replicated Runthrough: Schemahero 101

Greetings and welcome to our final issue of Replicated Runthrough, starring the coolest project you’ve probably already seen a few things about – Schemahero. Like almost everything else in the Replicated catalog, Schemahero is an open source tool created to simplify a task that at its mere mention strikes trembling fear in the hearts of

The State of On-Prem Series: Container-Based Deployments Are the Norm

With the rapid adoption of on-premises deployments among enterprises, there’s one thing that may come as a surprise: container-based deployments are the norm, and modern enterprise software companies have embraced Kubernetes as the container-orchestration system of choice for their on-premises needs. In this series, we’ll explore the results of The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions

The State of On-Prem Series: On-Prem Sales and Demand Are Rising

With the dawn of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the rapid adoption among enterprises, there’s one thing that may come as a surprise: on-prem sales and demand are rising, and modern software companies are offering more enterprise delivery options than ever before.  In this series, we’ll explore the results of The State of On-Prem: Modern

Fully Remote: Home Office Should Not Be a Financial Burden on Employees

We’re excited to announce our new Replicated home office reimbursement program, and thought it would be best to outline the thinking and work that went into this new policy. Like many of our peers, in 2020 we decided to take our team fully remote. We let go of our LA-based office and began to hire

4 Ways Multi-Prem Software Will Increase Your Enterprise Sales

At first glance, you may have thought the title was a typo – “multi” prem? Not on-prem? Not cloud?  You may also be wondering what multi-prem software even means. It’s a legitimate question that begs a deeper explanation.  Over the past 20+ years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of software development and delivery from monolithic

Performing an Airgap Install on an Existing Kubernetes Cluster

Depending on your background, how word association works in your mind, or your search engine technique, hearing the phrase “airgap environment” might trigger thoughts of anything ranging from spaceships to dishwashers. Despite the interesting and seemingly unrelated word choice, Replicated has not decided to move into the home improvement space – though there may be

Replicated Recent Release Highlights: May 2021

This month, we bring you another post in our ongoing blog series highlighting some of the exciting capabilities newly available in KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf), kURL, and Vendor Web. Let’s take a look at some of the recently shipped features and release highlights for May 2021 below. New Release Highlights KOTS: Now able to configure the

Replicated Runthrough: KOTS 101

Greetings and welcome back to the Replicated Runthrough series, where we teach you about each project in the Replicated catalog in simple terms. This week’s episode will be on KOTS – a.k.a. Kubernetes Off The Shelf software. Now judging by the name you’re probably assuming that KOTS is another Kubernetes wrapper, similar to Red Hat

Build vs Buy: Decision Time

In our previous posts, we’ve gone through all of the considerations you should explore when it comes to on-prem software delivery and management––from planning to maintenance––and now it’s time for the big decision. Who will get the rose: an outside vendor, or your internal team (and do they even want it?) Read on for the

The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions for a Traditional Problem

Dimensional Research has just released a new report, The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions for a Traditional Problem, based on a survey sponsored by Replicated. This report surveyed a total of 405 qualified participants from commercial software companies across 5 continents. The primary research goal was to understand and quantify the current use, need, and