Put your Application to the Test with EnterpriseGrade

Grant Miller
Mar 2, 2018

In November 2016, Replicated collaborated with our peers in the enterprise IT space to launch EnterpriseReady—a collection of advice and best practices on how to build SaaS applications with the types of features that enterprise buyers expect. Today, we’re taking that project a step further by launching EnterpriseGrade—a short but thorough questionnaire to assess how your application stacks up against these features.

The goal of EnterpriseGrade is to give software entrepreneurs and product managers a tool for figuring out how well-equipped they are to sell deeply into large enterprises. It’s one thing to score wins with small teams or individual departments, but getting executive buy-in and gaining company-wide adoption can be an entirely different beast. Even with cloud-based services, CIOs want to know that your application provides the levels of control, support and data they need in order to truly trust you as a vendor.

enterpriseGrade example

The features we’ve identified as being critical to successful enterprise adoption are: Team Management; Deployment Options; Support/SLA; Security; Role-based Access Control; Single Sign-On; Integrations; Reporting; Audit Logging; Product Assortment; and Change Management.

Once you’ve answered the multiple-choice questions on how your application implements these features, you’ll get a letter grade and, if necessary, advice on how to improve each one. (See, for example, the assessment we did for GitHub Enterprise.) You can then choose to share your full results privately with your team, share your letter grade publicly with the world, or just keep everything private and think about where to invest in feature development.

If you’re curious about how your application ranks, take a few minutes and do the EnterpriseGrade assessment here. If you want to learn more about how Replicated can help you deliver some of these features to demanding customers via our modern approach to on-premises installations, please get in touch.

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