Replicated and Heavybit Host The First Ever DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Products Conference

Grant Miller
Sep 19, 2018
heavybit replicated event

In a few short weeks, we’ll host the first ever EnterpriseReady event in partnership with Heavybit. The event is taking place on October 11 in San Francisco at Folsom Street Foundry, and we invite you to join us.

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EnterpriseReady is our educational resource for companies who are BUILDING products for the enterprise. Here at Replicated we’re passionate about helping software companies battle test their applications to make sure they’re ready for the enterprise. The conversations at the event on October 11th will continue what we’ve kicked off online.

We’re excited to take attendees through what we believe to be key areas for companies looking to improve or are currently building products for enterprise customers. The event itself is targeted to founders, CPOs, product managers, architects, and engineering team leads who build SaaS products. Throughout the day we will discuss topics such as user management & access control, integration management, security and establishing customer trust, high-availability and support in the enterprise, deployment best practices and advanced reporting and analytics.

We have a great lineup of speakers that will tell us first hand how they have built products for the enterprise and even hear from enterprises on what they are looking for as they build out modern application stacks. Speakers include:

Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp CTO
Alex Solomon, PagerDuty co-founder
Eugenio Pace, CEO Auth0
Uri Sarid, CTO Mulesoft
Marianna Tessel, Intuit’s SVP and Chief Product Development Officer of SMB
Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO and co-founder of Datadog
Arianna Willett, Security, Risk & Compliance, Twilio
Joe Beda, Heptio co-founder
Edith Harbaugh, LaunchDarkly CEO
Nick Mehta, Gainsight CEO
Kimber Lockhart, CTO of One Medical
And others

We look forward to seeing you on October 11th at the DevGuild: Enterprise-Ready Products conference where we will continue the conversation on how to create the products that drive enterprise adoption.

Replicated is the cloud native way for SaaS and software vendors to deploy applications inside customers’ environments. Replicated provides application vendors with everything they need to start shipping an installable version of their application securely and quickly. Stay up to date on Replicated news by following us on Twitter @ReplicatedHQ.

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