We’re excited to announce the release of a newly redesigned frontend for vendor.replicated.com. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been constantly updating the default, vanilla, bootstrap-powered version, but we decided to shake things up a bit and redesign it.

But it’s a lot more than a simple redesign. We’ve added a lot of new functionality into this version:

Channel Adoption

From the new Channels screen, you can see the adoption rate of the versions of your software, per channel. After shipping an update, it can be helpful to watch your customers adopt the update.

All previous license data was imported and will be visible on these panels.

Channel Creation

Previously, to create a new release channel, you had to use our API directly. In the new version, we’ve added a link to create, update and delete release channels directly from the site.

Channel List View

If you’ve created many additional channels, there’s now a list view so you can still see all of the channels at a glance, without scrolling.

Multi-Channel Licenses

We’ve recently released support for multi-channel licenses in Replicated. This updated site includes the ability to select multiple channels for a license.

Pinned Application Version

On the customers page, there’s a new dropdown that allows you to pin a license to a specific application version. If you do this, the license will not see any updates past the version you select, and a new installation will start with the version you select. This is a great way to test old versions or upgrade paths.

Customers Page

We used to have a licenses page, we’ve renamed it to customers. And the list of customers is now paginated, so as you continue to add more enterprise customers, you’ll be able to continue managing them from this site.

Improved Search

The search on the customers page has been updated to return more relevant matches. When you have several pages of customers listed, the search will work as expected – it will search over all customers and return a sortable, paginated result of customer names matching the search.

And there’s a little more you can do in the search that we haven’t documented. You can search/filter the customer list by columns other than “assignee”. For example, if you search for channel_name:Beta you’ll see only the customers in your Beta channel.


Finally, we’d love to hear any feedback on this update. If you have any comments, drop them into our Slack channel or send an email to us at [email protected].

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