Air Gap On-Prem Use Cases for the Security-Conscious Enterprise

By Jason English (@bluefug) – Intellyx  |  Part 2 of the Intellyx On-Prem Innovation Series When I think of the most mission-critical on-premises secure installation scenario of all time, my mind immediately wanders to silos. Missile silos, to be exact.  If there ever was a reason to be absolutely 100-percent-sure a system was inaccessible to

Why Are Companies Doing On-Prem Air Gap Installations Now?

By Jason English (@bluefug) – Intellyx  |  Part 1 of the Intellyx On-Prem Innovation Series Software ate the world. Then SaaS started eating software. Then, cloud started enveloping SaaS.  Now, even one flavor of cloud is no longer good enough for most highly distributed software applications. To be agile and responsive, you must orchestrate the

Build vs Buy: Decision Time

In our previous posts, we’ve gone through all of the considerations you should explore when it comes to on-prem software delivery and management––from planning to maintenance––and now it’s time for the big decision. Who will get the rose: an outside vendor, or your internal team (and do they even want it?) Read on for the

The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions for a Traditional Problem

Dimensional Research has just released a new report, The State of On-Prem: Modern Solutions for a Traditional Problem, based on a survey sponsored by Replicated. This report surveyed a total of 405 qualified participants from commercial software companies across 5 continents. The primary research goal was to understand and quantify the current use, need, and

Build vs Buy: Execution

So far, we’ve explored cost, time to market, internal resources, and business continuity. Do you have a clear favorite at this point? Have you crossed all of your t’s and color-coded all of your Gantt charts? Keep an open mind as we move forward because we’re about to get into execution. And this is where

Build vs Buy: Planning for Success

In our last blog post, we talked about how on-prem software for the enterprise isn’t going anywhere. This $400 billion industry dwarfs enterprise SaaS, but it doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. Let’s show it some love. Join us as we explore the biggest question of on-prem delivery and management: is it better to

Build vs Buy: Why On-Prem Matters

Historically, delivering on-prem software has meant building bespoke, manual processes for every customer environment; costing time, resources, and money. Thanks to new, off-the-shelf solutions, delivery, and management have gotten easier than ever. But is buying the right move for your company? In this blog series, we’ll help you determine if you should build or buy. 

Tracking Trends: Rise of Kubernetes Elevates Software Delivery On-Prem

At Replicated, we closely track happenings in the cloud native space given that we use cloud native technologies to deliver and manage software on-prem. (We like the on-prem term because it neatly sidesteps the tiresome on-premise vs. on-premises debate.) That’s why some of the findings in the latest Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey caught