Replicated Studio: Develop Faster, Release More Often

Marc Campbell
Dec 22, 2017
replicated studio

We are excited to announce Replicated Studio, an isolated development environment which gives you and your team a faster way to build and iterate on your application releases.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working to improve the development workflow. We recently released the Replicated CLI, which helps with automating Release creation and promotion in your CI/CD pipeline. We also included our lint tool into the release creation UI, which makes it easier for you and your team to identify syntax issues and deprecation warnings in your Replicated yaml.

Replicated Studio has been built to simplify the development experience by giving you and your team isolated development environments. These isolated environments allow you to iterate on releases without having to push new images remotely, create/promote releases in the vendor portal and pull down updates.

We also integrated our lint tooling into Replicated Studio, so that every time you save a new development release, you will get some helpful feedback on what can be improved with your release.

We initially built Replicated Studio as a little side project to help our team assist customer’s with development. We quickly realized that this tool was also useful in our customers hands, and would eliminate the create-and-promote dance many users experience when building their first application.

Working side by side with our on-prem services, Replicated Studio emulates our hosted API, allowing new Replicated releases to be installed when a change is detected on the local filesystem. Our one line installer sets up all the required services, including the Replicated on-prem platform, giving you a clean isolated development environment which can be safely thrown away after use (just remember to save the Replicated yaml you are working on!)

replicated release diagram

Replicated Studio is the best way to build on the Replicated platform, giving you and your team an effortless way to set up isolated development environments to iterate, experiment, and release.

For more information on how to use Replicated Studio, please check out our Help Center documentation, which explains everything you need to get started.

And we would love to hear your feedback. If you have any ideas or requests for possible additions and improvements, you can get in touch with us at

The Replicated Team