How to use the Replicated Docs

1. Read sequentially

For those just getting started, it is helpful to skim the first few sections in the order they’re presented. The footer of each page includes a link to the “Next” sequential article.

2. Browse the hierarchy

The Replicated Docs are categorized into six hierarchical categories:

Getting Started - an overview of the core concepts and workflows used when integrating an application with Replicated.

Packaging an Application - details on creating the Replicated YAML that will drive an application’s integration with Replicated features.

Distributing an Application - how to distribute an application to end customers and how to manage/support end customer environments.

Examples - sample Replicated YAML files that leverage various features and functionality of Replicated.

Reference - generated API reference documentation for the on-prem Integration API as well as the vendor facing Vendor API.

Knowledge Base - a series of articles that address common questions.

The Replicated Docs leverage Google Custom Site Search for easy searching.

4. Ask questions

The easiest way to ask questions about integration issues is through our support page.

5. Suggest Edits

The docs are all open source. Each page includes a link directly to edit, fork and pull-request the doc on GitHub.