Distributing an Application

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Once the application YAML is created, the next task is to create licenses and install them to test. This section of the docs explains how to install, upgrade and distribute your application.

Airgapped Installations

The steps required of the end customer to install a Replicated application into an air gapped environment.

Create Licenses

Details on the options available to vendors when creating a license for an end customer's upcoming installation.

Promote Releases

The process for leveraging Replicated's release channel management functionality to stage versions and deliver updates to customers.

Installing Replicated

Instructions for installing Replicated via the easy install script, manually or behind a proxy. Also includes instructions for uninstalling Replicated.

Upgrading Replicated

The process for end customers to update Replicated services to access the latest improvements to the underlying system since their installation.


Maintenance processes to use after Replicated is installed

Add Nodes

When a Replicated-orchestrated application is configured with a clustering strategy, additional nodes can be installed on remote instances to take part in the cluster.