Getting Started

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Replicated is a platform to deploy containerized SaaS applications behind a firewall (ie private cloud, private data center etc). This guide will walk you through the required steps to start shipping your application using Replicated.


The process to ship your application in Replicated consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a vendor account on the Replicated Vendor Portal.
  2. Prepare the images required by your app. You can either:
    • Tag and push your images to the Replicated Private Registry. Or
    • Select images from a public registry ie Docker Hub. Or
    • Push your images to a third party private registry & provide Replicated with access.
  3. Define your components on the Replicated Vendor Portal.
  4. Create a release of your application.
  5. Install your application to test.

Concepts and Terminology

The core concepts and terms used in these documents to describe the Replicated functionality.

Create & Manage Releases

An introduction to the release channel management workflow for development on the Replicated platform.

Replicated Private Registry

How to push and access private images in Replicated's hosted private registry.