Vendor Roles

Cross functional roles, tools, and processes for delivering a modern on-prem application to enterprise customers.


Delivering a modern on-prem application requires tooling that doesn't differentiate products and doesn't enhance the core value of most applications.

Deep CI/CD integration

Separate roles for release managers and core engineers. Leverage deep integrations with external CI/CD systems.

Deployments stay the same

Integrates with existing deployment pipelines. Compatible with Kubernetes manifests, Helm charts, or Docker Compose deployments.


Supporting customers in on-prem environments is complex and it requires sophisticated tooling to properly discover and diagnose issues without continuous back and forth.

Better customer support

Leverage Troubleshoot analyzers to speed up remediation of end customer deployment issues.

Deep links to support logs

The support bundle viewer enables collaboration with deep links to specific lines within log files.


Enabling Sales Engineers with an easy to deploy version of your enterprise offering will simplify the set up and convey the ease of use to your customers.

Customer entitlements

Create and manage customer licenses & entitlements. Enforce, update and sync license values in customer environments.

Custom notifications

Receive notifications when licenses are installed or stop reporting as active.

Customer Success

Understanding customer health can be difficult for multi-prem customers, so any visibility into update checks and active versions can help provide clues for when to engage.

Track adoption rates

Gain visibility into customer adoption rates and update cadence.

Built-in audit log

View all activity on a license, including a detailed audit log of changes made to license fields.

Custom Roles

(Enterprise plans only) For large teams with additional functions or specific roles, Replicated has the advanced functionality to create completely custom roles to meet your needs.

Granular RBAC

Define new roles with granular role-based access control options. Extend access to your channel partners, MSPs, SIs etc.

Replicated app delivery software

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