Replicated Troublehsoot

Speed up remediation of customer issues without direct access to their on-prem instance.

Replicated Troubleshoot is an important tool for operationalizing your Enterprise Support Process. For more details on how we enable customers to scale:


Develop custom collector manifests to drive the execution of specific commands, application level log aggregation.

Specify data to be removed through global redaction at generation time.

Version and release collector manifests to your various release channels.


You’ll never need to ask for SSH access to your customer's servers. Instead, provide them with privacy-preserving tools that collect important data while empowering the customer to control the data they deliver to your team.

Customers can execute your Troubleshoot collectors natively from the admin console (Replicated Appliances or Ship Enterprise Apps) or you can distribute a reusable & independent collection container or binary.


Leverage built-in analyzers to uncover common issues quickly.

Collaborate with your internal team using line-level deep linking.

Write custom analyzers to automatically surface application level issues.

Escalate to Replicated Tier 2 Support

Business Plan and Enterprise Plan customers can escalate support issues to the Replicated team for tier 2 support. Once a support bundle is uploaded it is easy to share it with the click of a button.

Support team enablement & training

Replicated provides Enterprise Tier customers with extensive support team training.