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plus $300/mo per license

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per month
plus $200/mo per license

Get a demo
Free Dev/Trial Licenses
Embedded K8s Installs
Preflight Checks
Release Channels
GitOps Updates
Snapshot, Rollback & Restore
Troubleshoot Collectors & Analyzers
Free Community Licenses
Multi-app Support
LDAP Integration
Multi-node Deploys
Airgap Installs
Security Audit Logs
Custom RBAC Roles
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White-glove Zoom Support
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Staging/UAT Instance Support

Pricing FAQ

What’s included in the 21-day Proof of Concept?

You’ll have access to the full platform. However, you won’t be able to ship a release of your application to the stable channel, create production licenses or distribute your application to customers.

What’s a “license”?

Each customer you deploy to via Replicated will need a license for its installation. Each license is created in the Replicated vendor portal (or via our API) and distributed to each customer along with the installation instructions. The license identifies the customer and application during the installation and update processes.

What’s a “trial license”?

A trial license allows you to offer your application on a trial basis to prospective customers. These trial licenses have short expiration periods, as well as policies of what your application should do when the expiration date is reached.

What’s a “dev license”?

Developer licenses are designed to be used internally by your development team for testing and integration. A developer may create multiple developer licenses to test against different release channels.

What’s a “community license”?

Community licenses can be distributed with free or low-cost versions of your software. They’ll get the core funcationality of Replicated tooling, but customers with these licenses will only receive community support.

What’s a “user”?

Each member of your team with access to Replicated counts as one “user.” API Tokens also occupy one ‘“user.” API tokens are used to automate the creation of releases and licenses via the Vendor API.

What’s a “release channel”?

When you create or release a version of your application via Replicated, you’ll assign it to a release channel. Every customer license points to a release channel. Customers assigned to a channel receive a notification when a new release is available. By default, there are three release channels (Stable, Beta and Unstable), but there is no limit to the number of channels that you can create.

What's a “KOTS app”?

A KOTS application is Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf Software delivered to enterprise customers either with Kubernetes Embedded with the application or into an existing cluster. Learn more about Replicated KOTS.

What’s an “application”?

Organizations often have multiple and distinct products that are often separately distributed (potentially to the same customers). For those organizations, it can be useful to have all of their applications under a single organization.

My customer’s environment doesn’t have internet access, can Replicated support this?

Yes, under the Enterprise plan, Replicated offers tooling that enables airgap installations.

What are “Troubleshoot collectors & analyzers”?

Replicated Troubleshoot is a product that enables your application to collect a myriad of information from your on-prem customers’ instances for analysis and remediation. A “collector” identifies what to collect, and an “analyzer” is an automatic analysis of a support bundle that provides insights of known issues or hints of what might be the problem. Our Business tier gives you access to a large number of commonly used “collectors” and “analyzers.” Our Enterprise tier allows you to create custom “collectors” and “analyzers.”

I have or expect a lot of (modern) on-prem customers, can I get a quantity discount?

Yes, Replicated provides enterprise pricing that allows for hundreds or thousands of licenses to be distributed to customers.

I still have questions.

No worries. Feel free to email us at [email protected]