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Distribute Commercial AI Applications to Secure Enterprise Environments

With the software distribution platform purpose-built to help you tackle the toughest problems, from protecting your models to validating your customers’ unique environments.

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Current AI Customers Include:

Optimized for AI Companies

Specifically enhanced for the unique demands of AI workloads, increasing the reliability & security of self-hosted AI apps.

Distribute Large Apps

Package data sets (model weights) and complex applications with Advanced Registry Access Controls.

Validate Environment Compatibility

Automate testing on different GPUs, cloud providers, k8s distros, versions and configurations.

Unify Packaging

With support for different customer deployment options for customers who are new to Kubernetes or experts.

The Replicated Platform provides ISVs with purpose-built solutions for each stage of the Commercial Software Distribution Lifecycle.

“We did some research into how long it would take if we tried to get things on-prem ourselves. It would easily take us over a year... in looking at what Replicated provides, there’s no way we could build all those capabilities.”

Bobby Smith
VP of Engineering, Head of Platform

Trusted by leaders in the industry

70 of the fortune 100 turn to replicated

With 70 of the Fortune 100 managing apps with Replicated, this is a platform that is trusted by the best in the business.

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