The most trusted developer tools use Replicated to power their Enterprise versions.

Travis CI

"Replicated makes it a lot easier to get our on-premises product into more customer hands much faster than we could before."
Mathias Meyer, Founder, Travis CI

Code Climate

"Replicated is a big leap forward over our home grown packaging system and now any SaaS business can use it."
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder, Code Climate


"This is so clearly the future of Enterprise software, it really shouldn't matter where an application is deployed anymore."
Rod Boothby, Co-founder, npm

More Customers Deploying with Replicated

Before Replicated building an installable version was a nightmare

Fork product. Add features. Create VM. Ship patches. Support blindly. Repeat.

Enterprise features provided by Replicated

Maintain a single codebase while adding features for Enterprise buyers.

Features for Enterprise Customers

One-line Installation

Your customers can install your application with a one-line shell command.

One-click Updates

Enable customers to check for updates, read release notes and apply reliable updates in seconds.

Audit Logging

Provide Enterprise customers with a compliant audit log of the important events in your application by calling our simple API.

Snapshot and Restore Utilities

Enable your customers to quickly back up their instance of your application and restore to a new server.

Airgapped Installations

Your customers can install and manage your application in an environment that has no internet access (this is a thing).

Multi-Host Clustering

Light-weight clustering functionality allows you to separate components onto distinct hosts and run highly available.

Features for Developers

Supports Continuous Deployment

Deploy to the cloud as frequently as you'd like, and selectively release versions to Enterprise customers with release channel management.

Docker, Docker, Docker

If you’re making Enterprise applications in 2017, Docker seems like a logical choice as the technology to enable portability.

Flexible License Management

Create a unique license for each customer, including expiration dates and custom metadata.

Administration Dashboard

Add custom info and metrics to the dashboard, providing valuable insights into the running instance.

Brand Your Experience

Customize the install URL, documentation and dashboard with your own CSS.

Track Deployed Instances

“Optional phone home reporting will provide you with meta data about each installation.

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Watch the demo video:

As an example of how easy it will be for your customers to install your application, we've published a quick video of installing Travis CI through Replicated.