New! Check out our Compatibility Matrix to test across 60,000+ combinations of distributions, k8s versions, and configurations.

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The best way to distribute your on-prem software to enterprise customers of every size in the most complex environments, including air-gap.

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Enhance Helm

Use Replicated’s SDK to seamlessly add license management, telemetry, a white-label proxy registry, and more to your Helm installs.

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illustration showing the different environments that our compatibility matrix can help test and validate

Test Compatibility

Use Replicated’s Compatibility Matrix to test your application in 60,000+ customer-representative environments. Integrate with your CI and have confidence in every release.

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Standardize Releases

Use a single, automated release process to distribute new versions to different self-hosted customer segments. Get the right customers the right software with the right features - in a streamlined, consistent process that’s easy for your team to manage.

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customize licenses for each customer

Manage Licensing

Easily handle free trials and different tiers of product plans, restrict access to expired accounts, manage entitlements, and more. Even in air-gapped environments.

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Streamline Installations

Replicated powers your install options that will meet your customers’ requirements and Kubernetes comfort level (or lack thereof). Service existing cluster environments, bare metal, and VMs, all with a single release of your application.

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Gain Insights

With a curated reporting dashboard and an easy to use API, bring visibility into uptime, usage, configuration of your customers' instances. Subscribe to notifications to stay on top of it all.

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Troubleshoot Issues

Use support bundles, shared between you and your customer, to quickly debug issues and get their installation and utilization of your application back on track. Escalate complex issues to our global team of K8s experts for Tier 2 & 3 support.

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