Operationalize & scale the distribution of modern on‑prem applications to enterprise customers.

Current Replicated Customers

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Announcing Replicated KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf) Software

Watch a recording of a screenshare from the HashiCorp team on how they use Replicated to deliver Terraform Enterprise.

Watch a recording from DevOpsDays Seattle about using Replicated to embrace on-prem delivery with devops.

Watch a demo of the latest KOTS functionality including embedded K8s and existing K8s cluster installations.

The Kubernetes Native Solution for Delivering Modern On-prem

Out of the box, Replicated gives you everything you need to start shipping an installable version of your application securely and quickly.

Existing and Embedded Kubernetes

A unified experience for delivering to both customers with an existing Kubernetes cluster and customers without any Kubernetes knowledge. Install options

NextGen Admin Experience

The most advanced end-user experience for configuration, updates, and application management. Admin Console

Automate Troubleshooting

Robust tools for trustless troubleshooting and automated remediation in disconnected environments. Troubleshoot details

Customer Management

Create and manage customer licenses to enforce customer-specific entitlements (expiration, features, usage limits, etc). Entitlements details

Release Channels

Plugs into existing deployment pipelines to integrate CI/CD processes with enterprise release cadence. Channels details

Cross-functional Tools

Cross functional roles, tools and processes for collaboration between engineering, support, and sales. Vendor by role

Tier 2 & 3 Support

Tier 2 & 3 support from our team of Kubernetes and Docker experts with guaranteed response times. Tier-2 details