Manage Releases and Customers for your App

A unified platform bringing everything you need to efficiently manage releases, channels, and customers for your K8s-based app.

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Replicated Value

Replicated brings everything you need to efficiently handle the toughest requirements around delivering your app to your customers. Our platform is designed around the needs of your organization to help simplify complex tasks. Don’t try to build all these capabilities yourself! Instead reduce your effort and cost with a trusted solution.

How it Works

Package a Production Application


Your app should already be containerized for K8s and architected to be cloud-native


Upload to a public or private registry, or use ours!


Define your app with YAML manifests, K8s operators, and/or Helm

packaging examples
an example of an application managed through Replicated

Manage Releases, Channels, and Versions


Define channels like alpha, beta, or GA, and add semantic versioning


Manage releases with CI/CD methodology and/or SaaS offerings


Promote new releases when they are ready to go

Define Application Configs


Use basic and custom fields to specify details


Set up manifests or custom resources


Define the order of operations

define app configs
define licensing

Define Licensing and Entitlements


Add new customers for your app


Create community and enterprise license offerings


Manage granular feature entitlements

Choose how you want to work


Use our vendor portal GUI to manage releases


Leverage CLI controls for scripted automation


Get visibility on adoption of versions

choose how you want

How it helps

Business benefits

  • Ship features faster

  • Reach more customer environments

  • Lightend the manual admin burden

  • Drive adoption of new releases

  • Monetize premium editions and features

  • Improve reliability and install predictability

Technical benefits

  • Reduce release process complexity

  • Standardize configurations

  • Maintain environment flexibility

  • Work with proven tooling

  • Choose how you want to manage

  • Complement Helm capabilities

  • Test releases and configurations

Measurable impact

Track your improvements on how you manage releases with key performance metrics like deployment frequency, upgrade success rate, new feature adoption, trial conversion rate, time saved by not building and maintaining your own tooling, reduction in support calls, improved customer satisfaction, win rates, and incremental revenue.

Vendor Success

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