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A unified platform to streamline support of your application in your customer’s environment, reducing effort and increasing satisfaction

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Replicated Value

Replicated brings everything you need to efficiently handle the toughest requirements around delivering your app to your customers. Our platform is designed around the needs of your organization to help simplify complex tasks. Don’t try to build all these capabilities yourself! Instead reduce your effort and cost with a trusted solution.

How it Works

Keep customers on the latest releases


See what versions of your app your customers are running


Provide simple "one-click" upgrades to the latest versions


Automate updates and patching using semantic versioning

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Get the info you need to pinpoint issues


Collect, redact, and analyze customer app configs and logs


Avoid the back-and-forth delay in chasing important details


Provision customer-representative environments to recreate issues


Improve reliability and availability


Test compatibility of releases, configs, and environments


Set up snapshot and restore of your app, config, and data


Rollback updates for unexpected errors or breaking changes

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A Replicated support chat box

Count on us for expert help


Rely on Replicated engineers and active community


Upgrade to 24x7 help with Enterprise support offerings


Our SRE team can provide K8s expertise when needed

How it helps

Business benefits

  • Reduce support costs and effort

  • Avoid incidents around already fixed issues

  • Solve issues faster

  • Reduce reliance on customer K8s experience

  • Improve customer satisfaction and confidence

Technical benefits

  • Patch CVEs before they impact customers

  • Gather all the info you need in one go

  • Restore apps to last known good configs

  • Get help and advice from our team

  • Work with proven tooling

Measurable impact

Track your improvements around key performance metrics like reduction in support engineer hours per call, reduction in escalations to engineering, avoidance of repeat issues across different customers, and customer satisfaction.

39% of support issues escalated to developers take more than a week to resolve. Our own Replicated support team reports that Severity 1 issues are closed 3x faster when a support bundle is included.

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