Define and install a K8s distro

A unified platform to create a standardized K8s cluster to host your application in your customer’s environment.

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define and install

Replicated Value

Replicated brings everything you need to efficiently handle the toughest requirements around delivering your app to your customers. Our platform is designed around the needs of your organization to help simplify complex tasks. Don’t try to build all these capabilities yourself! Instead reduce your effort and cost with a trusted solution.

How it Works

Define your K8s distributions


Leverage Replicated’s expertise in cluster reliability


Choose a proven K8s version to underlie your app


Standardize components to reduce variability and risk

examples of distribution
kurl add ons

Select K8s add-ons to include


Select which K8s add-on projects complement your app


Add storage, networking, observability, and more


Our maintained add-ons offer latest upstream updates

Create a new K8s cluster on-demand


Declaratively define a new K8s cluster for your app


Associate cluster definitions with specific app releases


Provide a pre-configured one-line terminal command to install

embedded cluster terminal command
checkmarks in a box

Validate Requirements before Install


Define necessary requirements for your app


Collect and precheck environment info in advance


Use open source to ensure success

Deploy in air-gapped locations


Offer downloadable packages for secure transfer of your app and distro


Install everything with a few preset commands


Support fully private image registries

bouncing airgap

How it helps

Business benefits

  • Avoid a common barrier to sales

  • Reduce reliance on customer K8s experience

  • Increase install success rates

  • Reduce burden on field engineers

  • Simplify support with "known-good" clusters

Technical benefits

  • Install with a one line terminal command

  • Eliminate k8s cluster variability

  • Make sure cluster requirements are met

  • Work with proven tooling

  • Run only in well-tested cluster environments

Measurable impact

Track your improvements around key performance metrics like time to install (TTI), reduction in field engineer hours per install, percentage of “touchless” self-service installs, reduction in escalations to support and engineering, install success rate, and customer satisfaction.

UIPath uses Azure Resource manager templates with kURL to give end customers a simple means of spinning up a trial environment in just one click.

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