Manage the Matrix of Kubernetes Distro, Version, & Config Testing

Programmatically provision customer-representative environments, for comprehensive cross-distro testing that prevents customer issues.

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image showing different environments that the compatibility matrix can help test.

How it Works

Define your Testing Strategy


Integrate our Actions or CLI into your CI process to create the matrix of environments you need to test.


Choose combinations of distros, versions and configurations.


Set up your own smoke tests, policy tests, release tests, and canary tests on the provisioned infrastructure.

image showing that a release, distro, and versions are being checked.
a cluster being created in Amazon EKS

Provision Cloud Resources Instantly


Supports EKS, AKS, GKE, Openshift, RKE2, kind, k3s, kURL distros and recent versions of Kubernetes (i.e. 1.29, 1.28, 1.27, 1.26, etc).


Leverage our warm pools of environments , most clusters provision in under 3 minutes.


Each cluster is validated for conformance to prevent flaky environments.

See All Your Customer Environments


Leverage Instance Insights to see what your customers are actually running.


Set up telemetry with the Replicated SDK in your app to stay informed on real world adoption and patterns.


Identify the right set of matrix permutations based on what customers are actually using in production.

image showing a cluster, distro, and version
development, releases, and support incidents being handled

Run Any Tests You Want


You'll have full control of the cluster to install CRDs, add-ons, charts etc.


Build your own test plans for compatibility, readiness, stability, and load handling.


Explore a simple configuration, end-to-end configurations, or a matrix of combinations.

See your anticipated monthly spend.

The Compatibility Matrix can test across 65,981+ unique configuration combinations.

This calculator uses an average price per node of $0.46 hr, which for example would be Amazon EKS m6i.2xlarge (8 vCPUs, 32 GiB memory). Price will vary depending on nodes selected. For more detailed pricing information, visit Compatibility Matrix Platform Pricing.
*Combinations of K8s distros, platforms, versions, and configurations


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Analyst Review

The ability to quickly test compatibility of releases across diverse customer-representative environments is especially powerful, as the long-tail combination of possible versions and environments often remains untested.
Rachel Stephens  |  Senior analyst

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