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customize licenses for each customer

Provide access to all the right features and entitlements

Easily create license tiers and assign them to new and existing customers. Whether you’re offering free trials, community plans, paid licenses, or a combination of it all, manage everything through the same platform. You can even restrict access to certain features on a per-license basis, allowing for complete customization to your customers and their needs.

Automatically revoke access to expired licenses

When a customer’s license has expired, automatically keep them from accessing your software or updating to the latest version. If a customer needs an immediate downgrade or upgrade, update their entitlements so they can see immediate changes to what they can access. Make quick changes to licenses without your team or your customers jumping through any hoops.

Get complete visibility into license usage

Access a secure, intuitive dashboard and know which customers are on which tier of your software, whose license is expired, and who still needs to upgrade - even for your air gapped customers. Give your team complete visibility into how your customers are using your software and empower them to prioritize the projects that move the needle for your entire business.

Take a technical deep dive

Utilize our API and easily assign licenses to customers, or assign licenses straight from our Vendor Portal.

Assign each customer a unique, immutable license value that represents their license type, entitlements, expiration, and more.  

Easily update their license whenever you need to, with complete confidence it hasn’t been altered by outside parties.

Air gap support included!

"Thanks to Replicated Community Licensing, we've found a great way to speed up our adoption rate with Wallaroo Community Edition. We've increased our trustability and transparency for anyone in the machine learning and data science community looking to simplify the deployment and management of ML models and pipelines."

Younes Amar
Head of Product
Younes Amar

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See how Replicated supports every piece of the Software Distribution Lifecycle.

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Explore the Replicated Platform

See how Replicated supports every piece of the Software Distribution Lifecycle.