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We help ISVs, SaaS, and open core companies ship and support their apps in customer-managed Kubernetes (K8s) environments

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Support Efficiently

As a leader of technical support and customer success teams, you’re focused on resolving issues with your app, and wherever possible, making sure they have minimal impact. You want your teams to scale their efforts and solve problems faster, if not avoid them entirely. You need tooling that helps your team capture, analyze, and codify solutions to common issues.

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Support became a massive burden on SmartBear's DevOps team, with about 20% of their team's time dedicated to supporting each deployment. With over 50% of their total annual revenue coming from on-prem customers, they couldn't just abandon a self-hosted option. Their app now enjoys zero downtime, more frequent releases, and they report "a radical reduction" in support calls and escalations.

Your challenge

Customer support and success takes too much time and effort, and customers get frustrated

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Getting all the necessary config info and log files can require a lot of requests, delaying issue resolution.

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We help resolve issues faster by reducing the back and forth to get necessary info. So you can reduce support team costs, improve morale, and build customer loyalty.

Not meeting SLAs makes customers unhappy, after about 4 hours things start to get political

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Most of the time in diagnosing problems is usually spent searching for the right information from the customer.

A completed SLA


We can accelerates troubleshooting by collecting comprehensive support bundles 
of logs.

Customers are running old versions of your software and having issues with them

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Older versions of software are exposed to bugs and vulnerabilities that may have been fixed in newer versions.

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We enable customers to get automatic version updates and patches for CVEs, helping them stay current. So you have fewer customer support issues, increased adoption rates, and reduced likelihood to churn.

It’s difficult and expensive to hire and/or retain support staff with deep Kubernetes expertise

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Knowledge of how to resolve issues isn’t often shared, and increases dependency on a few experts.

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We automate many K8s tasks and simplify many others, making something very hard much more doable. So you can focus on your application itself, not K8s issues in the end customer's environment.

Difficulty Reproducing Customer Issues

unknown installation state


Sometimes issues are specific to the combination of app version, K8s distro, and platform, and you can’t solve them if you can’t re-create the environment.

installation information including environment and current state


Quickly identify the customer’s exact set up and provision a matching environment to reproduce the issue and test patch candidates.

Industry Insights

Per Dimensional Research, 72% of companies need to resolve 4 or more support escalations each month for on-prem software

Our own Replicated support team reports that Severity 1 issues are closed 3x faster when a support bundle is included

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