Enhance Helm with the Replicated Platform

A unified platform bringing everything you need to complement Helm installs, manage app lifecycles, and embed Replicated’s advanced capabilities in your app.

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enhance helm by using Replicated within your app

How it Works

Go Beyond Helm


Pre-check environments before install and gather support bundles of info for troubleshooting


Validate licenses and entitlements for each customer account during installation and configuration


Manage the complete software distribution lifecycle, not just installation and packaging

preflight checks, support bundles, and license validations helps you go beyond helm.
showing different install methods

Choose your Own Install Method


If you and your customers are already comfortable with Helm, you can keep using it


If your customers want a more comprehensive app installer, KOTS plus Helm brings added functionality


If your customers need to create a new K8s cluster for your app, kURL can provide and configure one for them

Leverage and Share Insights


Get detailed reporting and telemetry on customer-deployed instances of your app


Monitor application health, show uptime, and track new release adoption via notifications


Display instance insights for lifecycle metrics natively in your GUI

gain insights by using Replicated with Helm
your application, enhanced with Replicated

Embed Replicated in your App


The Replicated platform is designed to integrate deeply with your app using the Replicated SDK and REST


Create custom domains for your container repos and deliver application images securely


Provide a fully-transparent, white-labelled application lifecycle experience for your customers

How it helps

Business benefits

  • Improve install success rates

  • Accelerate support issue resolution

  • Gain insights into customer usage

  • Enjoy elite K8s and Helm support

  • Embed Replicated transparently in your app

Technical benefits

  • Complement Helm and K8s

  • Pre-check environments meet requirements

  • Collect complete diagnostic info

  • Keep customers on the latest versions

Measurable impact

Track your improvements around key performance metrics to understand and improve the delivery and distribution of your application(s) to customers. View data on adoption rate, time to install, uptime, upgrade success rate, and more to make data-driven improvements and drive increased value.

Our Philosophy

All the challenges around testing supportability, telemetry, and observability are really going to become more and more critical as you get more and more customers, and that’s where Replicated shines. Start with Helm and rely on Replicated to help you scale.
Marc Campbell  |  CTO and Co-Founder, Replicated

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