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As the leader of field engineers or developers, you’re concerned about efficiently driving more revenue and increasing your addressable market. You want to meet your customers where they are and stop turning away business in on-prem, VPC, or air-gapped environments. You need to keep your sales engineers and solutions architects selling, not struggling with slow installs and over-long Proof-of Concepts (POCs.)

58% of independent software vendors require more than a week to install and configure software in their customers’ self-managed K8s environments. And 4 of the top 5 challenges they face are related to installation issues.

Your challenge

Delays because your end customers don't have a K8s cluster available for new apps

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Many sales are delayed waiting for the customer to provision a suitable environment for your POC or production use.

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We help you spin up a new cluster on-demand and install an app directly into it. So you can shorten your time-to-live for POCs and production deployments.

POCs and production installs in customer environments have a low success rate

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Distributing to diverse operating environments means a high likelihood of failures and lengthy troubleshooting.

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We abstract apps from the complexity and variability of customer environments. So you can impress your customer and move opportunities and projects forward faster.

Too much engineering effort to troubleshoot difficult installs

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When the field team can’t solve the issue, they pull in developers and take them away from innovation.

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We provide a feature-rich installer out-of-the-box and can check environments meet requirements. So you can focus instead on developing new features.

Insufficient K8s skills with your field staff or in your customers’ teams

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Your odds of success are low if you require everyone to be an expert-level Kubernetes administrator.

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We automates install to a simple "cut and paste" command lines for new K8s clusters, requiring little expertise. So you can enable more self-service installs and avoid mistakes.

Distributing to many flavors of K8s, operating systems, and clouds

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Maintaining unique installers for every possible combination of environments is extremely inefficient.

The replicated platform distributing into many environments


We build K8s and Helm installer tooling for you. So you can focus on innovation, not inventing and maintaining an installer.

Helm alone isn’t sufficient

helm alone is limited in functionality


While Helm can help with basic installs and configuration, it doesn’t address other common needs for apps in customer environments.

replicated plus helm allows you to do more


We complement Helm with preflight checks, K8s cluster creation, a rich GUI, troubleshooting diagnostics, and detailed reporting.

Industry Insights

57% of companies need developers to support POCs every week to sell their software

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