Enhanced Helm is Now Open for Public Beta

Alex Parker
Oct 26, 2022

Replicated recently announced new enhancements to complement using Helm to install Kubernetes-based applications in customer-managed environments. We discussed in our blog (Announcing: install applications with the Helm CLI using Replicated) how we go above and beyond the basics of providing a configurable chart. These enhanced capabilities around Helm include being able to:

  1. Create and manage releases
  2. Define release channels
  3. Handle licensing for private images
  4. Perform preflight checks of the environment
  5. Capture support bundles of log information
  6. Check for updates

Better yet, an application can be installed using Helm or any of our other supported installation methods, opening up even more choice. You should definitely read the blog above or watch our enhanced Helm overview video if you missed all the exciting details we shared when we first announced.

Since we made that initial announcement, we’ve been busy expanding our capabilities further! You can read about some new features in our September Replicated Recent Release Highlights blog too. There we discuss setting up automatic update checks in Helm-managed mode, enforcing required config items for new Helm chart versions, and more.

Today we have great news! Our enhanced Helm offering has progressed to an “open beta” stage. This means both vendors currently using Replicated and the general public are now eligible to apply to join our beta program. Once approved, you’ll get to try out what we’ve built so far and give us feedback on what would make it even better for you and your customers!

So go on, contact us, and let’s get you started. Using Helm has never been this good!