Introducing the Replicated SDK (beta)

Ian Zink
Aug 2, 2023

We're pleased to announce the beta availability of the Replicated SDK for all vendors using the Replicated platform. The Replicated SDK is a new feature that's been designed to make Helm CLI based installations more transparent and manageable. Helm is emerging as the standard for enterprise applications, and now you can use it and get many of the benefits that the Replicated platform brings -- like telemetry, install history, updates, licensing, and more.

With the Replicated SDK, vendors can now generate telemetry for each instance of their software on the Replicated Instance Insights dashboard. This telemetry provides valuable insights into the health and adoption metrics of your installations. In simpler terms, you get an overview of how well your software is performing and how often it's being used. You can even set notifications based on these metrics, down to the instance level for particularly sensitive customers.

Additionally, the Replicated SDK API allows you to integrate Replicated platform capabilities within your own app’s existing administration console by modifying your console to call the rest endpoints provided by the Replicated SDK. These endpoints make it easier for you to manage your installations by providing information such as:

  • Currently Installed Version: This endpoint lets you see which version of your software is currently installed in your end-customer’s environment. It's a straightforward way to present your software's lifecycle version to the end user.
  • Updates Available: This feature informs your end-customer when there are new application updates ready for deployment, helping you maintain your software's reliability and security.
  • Installation History: With this feature, you can access a history of all previous application installations in your end-customer’s environment. It’s a useful feature for showing the history of the application and providing roll back commands.

When combined these features let you implement a comprehensive Updates and Version history function in your own administrative console. 

Example of SlackerNews Implementing the SDK
Example of SlackerNews Implementing the SDK

The Replicated SDK provides practical tools for better managing and understanding your software on the Replicated platform. It's a significant addition that will be beneficial for all vendors. We look forward to seeing how you make use of it. If you're an existing customer check out the documentation to get started or sign up for the waitlist.