KubeCon Chicago 2023: Compatibility Matrix, Custom Keychains, and More

Kaylee McHugh
Nov 14, 2023

KubeCon Chicago was a blast -- we loved talking with customers, old friends, KubeCon first-timers, and everything in between. If you were able to visit the booth, thank you for stopping by to say hi! We had a lot of great swag, were giving out free credits to our new Compatibility Matrix, and were showing off a live demo. Replicated has changed a lot over the last year, and we were honored to be able to show all the industry experts in Chicago how much we've built. Some highlights of the week include –

Talking through our new Compatibility Matrix with those who stopped by the booth. The Compatibility Matrix helps you test your application against 60,000+ different distros, platforms, versions, and configs. Now, you can catch bugs in customer-environments before they get to your customers. To qualifying customers, we offered $100 in free Compatibility Matrix credits on the spot at KubeCon. If you couldn't make it to KubeCon, but are interested in free credits, reach out to someone on the Replicated team.

Doing live demos, right at the booth, where we spun up an OpenShift cluster in under two minutes. We challenged anyone who stopped by the booth to spin one up faster than us, and we'd give them $500 in free Compatibility Matrix credits. But, we never met someone who could beat us!

Giving away lots of awesome swag, including K8s Hats, keychains, personal fireplaces, Replicated sweatbands, and more.

Seeing our CEO, Grant, transform into a K8s basketball superstar -

And finally, being able to spend in-person time with our team.

Thank you to everyone who made this KubeCon special. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Paris for KubeCon EU! 

Want to learn more about what Replicated does to help vendors distribute software to self-hosted environments? We would love to show you -- click here to schedule a demo.