kURL Add-on EOL Notice

Alex Parker
Nov 29, 2023

In April 2023, we sent communication about the deprecation and eventual end-of-life (EOL) of several kURL add-ons - Docker, Weave, Antrea, and Longhorn. At this point, all of these add-ons have passed their EOL dates and are no longer supported by Replicated.

Beginning February 1, 2024, Replicated will not accept support requests for kURL instances running EOL add-ons, unless the vendor demonstrates that they have updated the Kubernetes installer promoted to that instance’s channel and are working to upgrade their customers to supported add-ons. If a vendor cannot demonstrate that they have promoted a supported installer and are working with their customers to upgrade, then Replicated will offer no support for instances running EOL add-ons.

Replicated is working on a v2 of our embedded cluster that will be a significant improvement over kURL. Migrations to this v2 will only be available for installations running supported add-ons, making it even more important and exciting to update your installer and your customers’ environments. For more information, check out part 1 and part 2 of a preview of embedded cluster v2 from our last RepliCon conference.

Supported migrations and assistance are available for each of these EOL add-ons and are outlined below. Please open a support request for any additional questions you have.

Migration Assistance

Docker: Removing the Docker add-on from a Kubernetes installer and replacing it with containerd triggers a supported migration when customers rerun the installer to update their cluster.

Weave: A supported migration from Weave to Flannel exists. More information is available here.

Antrea: For assistance migrating from Antrea to Flannel, open a support request.

Longhorn: Supported migrations from Longhorn to OpenEBS and Rook exist. More information is available here.

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