Making History: The Womxn of Replicated

Treva Williams

• 2021-03-10

Making History: The Women of Replicated

To commemorate Women’s History Month, we invite you to join us in celebrating the amazing women and non-binary people at Replicated at our upcoming live event, Making History: The Womxn of Replicated.

Greetings and Happy Women’s History Month from Replicated! From Grace Hopper to Katherine Johnson, groundbreaking discoveries by women have changed the entire landscape of our existence in the best ways. As we celebrate the ladies who have created some of the most important inventions in modern technology, it seems only right to turn inward and recognize the stories of the womxn ofReplicated. We are extremely fortunate to have a growing team made up of incredibly talented, multi-faceted people driving innovation within the company cross-functionally. In celebration of Women’s History Month, let’s take a moment to introduce the Womxn of Replicated who are making history.

Sara Dornsife (she/her) – VP of Marketing

Sara Dornsife

“Remember, you’re interviewing them.”

Sara Dornsife is a marketing maverick. After graduating with a BA in marketing, Sara has worked with some of the biggest tech companies in the world including Sun Microsystems, PayPal, Heroku, and Heptio before joining Replicated in 2020. In her off time, Sara loves spending time with her family, traveling, and making a mess in the kitchen.

Breezy Baldwin (she/her) – Web Developer, Lead Graphic Designer

Breezy Baldwin

“You can learn anything on YouTube. Listen at 2x speed while drinking coffee.”

In exactly one year to the day, Breezy Baldwin has been an integral part of rebuilding the Replicated brand from end-to-end. As both web developer and graphic designer, you literally cannot go anywhere on the Replicated website without seeing her contribution. Art has always been life for Miss Baldwin, spending time as a manager/photographer in the music industry before joining Replicated. When she’s not riding the slopes on her new snowboard or globetrotting the world to some exotic location, Breezy spends her time hiking, camping, surfing, or painting a new masterpiece. 

Sara Parker (she/her) – Director of Customer Success

Sarah Parker

Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.” – Michelle Obama

Lovingly known as Spark, Sara Parker specializes in all things customer success. True to her name, she adds the needed *spark* to the customer onboarding experience. Sara spent years in local government training internal teams before making the leap to the tech industry.  That jump taught her that work could not only be fun but a true passion. In her free time, Sara enjoys photography, mostly snapping photos of friends and family when not spending time with her husband and two children.

Kelly Bailey (she/her) – Account Executive

Kelly Bailey

“Understand the weight that a simple word of kindness or encouragement can carry in another person’s life.”

With 20 years of experience in the I.T. industry, Kelly Bailey has been in negotiations with some of the biggest names in tech as an account executive. Starting off with the dream of being either a lawyer or a writer, Kelly found her calling in tech, spending her free time golfing, skiing, cooking, gardening, or hanging out on the beach with her little one. 

Ada Mancini (she/her) – Technical Account Manager

Ada Mancini

“You’re more likely to get what you ask for than what you deserve.”

Ada has only been with the team for a short while but has already made a huge impact as a technical account manager, guiding and nurturing current and future customers. Similar to her colleagues, Ada enjoys the outdoors – spending free time hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and camping, but she stands apart as a competitive shooting champion.

Jelena Gruica (she/her) – Full Stack Engineer

Jelena Gruica

Follow what you have a passion for. Be yourself, never hesitate to ask questions, and enjoy the ride.

Jelena (pronounced Yelena) keeps the proverbial lights on as a full stack engineer for the Replicated web catalog, managing website backends for Replicated and all other sites under the Replicated umbrella. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and dancing. 

Amber Alston (she/her) – Director of Product Management

Amber Alston

For anyone entering the industry, I’d say stay willing and hungry to learn. It’s a rapidly changing industry, and to succeed you’ll need to be in perpetual learning mode.”

Though she’s a career techie, Amber didn’t start out intending to become a product manager. Beginning her career as a frontend developer/web media marketing manager, she discovered a passion for product management fairly early on and made the switch – the rest is history. Most recently, Amber joined the Replicated team as a product manager in December, and in only 3 months made enough of an impact to earn a promotion to Director. Outside of work, Amber enjoys going on dog-friendly hikes followed by visits to dog-friendly pubs and breweries. She offers up a bit of excellent advice to womxn interested in pursuing a career in tech:

“For women, in particular, I’d suggest seeking out and creating a network of fellow industry women. The industry has made focused strides, but it’s still lacking in several diversity measures. Your fellow women in tech understand these challenges and will help to raise you up.”

Maria Gallegos (she/her) – Director of Demand Generation

Maria Gallegos

“Get to know people and ask them questions and you’ll find you learn a lot about yourself that way.”

Maria Gallegos is an expert at getting the product noticed by the right people, and that’s why she’s Director of Demand Generation here at Replicated. A master of numbers, her careful, thoughtful approach to campaigning towards a highly technical market has done wonders to grow the patronage of current and potential customers. Not limited to creating audiences, Maria spends her spare time creating knitted and painted masterpieces, as well as hiking with her dogs, and watching her daughters play soccer. 

Treva Williams (they/them) – Developer Evangelist/Community Manager

Treva Williams

“If you learned something, then the time isn’t wasted. Find a lesson in everything.”

Before joining Replicated as a developer evangelist-slash-community manager, Treva worked as a Cloud Virtualization Administrator at Rackspace where they discovered their passion for the Open Source community while working with OpenStack software. Prior to discovering their true calling as a Linux Nerd, Treva was a fashion nerd, holding a degree in fashion design and a head full of random, useless facts about fashion history that occasionally get put to use in their free time, sewing miniature garments and face masks.

Jalaja Ganapathy (she/her) – Core Engineer


“Believe in yourself. Try to create an impact while helping others.”

Coding and technology have always been a major part of Jalaja’s life, which led to her recently joining the Replicated team as a core engineer. In only a few months’ time, Jalaja has already made major contributions to Replicated KOTS, with much more to come. In her free time, Jalaja enjoys running, music, pets, and field hockey – which she won the high school national championship for!

Making History

If you take anything from our stories, it should be that there is no one correct way to pursue a career in tech. From art to engineering, from coding to design, from marketing to talking – there are a million different ways to use your talents to make a living. So go out and learn, code, create, and share something of your own. Remember that there’s a huge community available offering help and advice if you need it.

Did you know:

Do you have a Ring or ADT alarm hooked up to your home? Well, you can thank Marie Van Brittan Brown, a nurse, and inventor from Jamaica Queens, New York for creating the foundations of the first home security alarms. Frustrated by the long response times by local police, Mrs. Brown created a sophisticated system of adjustable cameras and two-way microphone systems that could connect to any television in the house to keep her home secure. She expanded the invention by creating a push-button alerting system that contacted local authorities. Though originally designed for domestic use, Mrs. Brown’s invention was a huge hit with local businesses and became the foundation of home security systems as we know them today.

Making History: The Womxn of Replicated Live Event

To commemorate Women’s History Month, we invite you to join us in celebrating the amazing women and non-binary people at Replicated at our upcoming live event. From the paths that led to their career in tech and the hurdles they overcame to the successes they are most proud of, you’ll find that your story may not be that different. Above all, this event will be a celebration of diversity and the strength of workplace equality. 

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