New Exciting Support Enhancements for 2022

David Hallinan
Jan 3, 2022
support enhancements
Happy New Year friends!

Replicated Engineering is always working to provide the best support experience for you and your teams. Continuously evaluating and improving our processes for your benefit is a top priority and we can’t wait to share a few new updates with you happening in the new year! 

Some of the benefits to these changes include:
  • Help our team resolve your issues as quickly as possible by providing extra context
  • Give your team visibility into all active escalations
  • Provide a single location where your team and our engineers can collaborate 
  • Produce long-lived artifacts and data to help you understand how your app’s reliability is changing over time

Starting January 6, 2022, instead of contacting us in Slack, we’ll have you start submitting customer-impacting issues in your Vendor Portal: When there’s a break-fix issue, start here to request help from our engineering team.

As part of this transition, each support request will create an Issue in our shared GitHub Repo, which will serve as the communication hub until the escalation is resolved.

To ensure you get the most of these new enhancements, it’s critical your field teams all have access to and the shared GitHub repo. Without access, they will not be able to submit urgent issues to our engineers.

We’ll continue to use our shared Slack channel for any questions about using the product, specific feature adoption, roadmap, or anything else. If you’re unsure where to ask, we’re happy to help sort through questions and can always work with you to identify what warrants a support issue vs. what we can assist within Slack. 

If you need assistance getting team members access to the shared GitHub repo, crafting a RBAC policy that meets your security requirements, or if there are any follow-up questions at all please reach out and we can find time to talk through these changes with your team.

For any additional information, please contact your CSM at



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