Replicated Included in The InfraRed 100

Kaylee McHugh
Jul 18, 2023

Yesterday, Replicated was honored to be included in Redpoint Ventures’ list of top 100 companies transforming cloud infrastructure. The InfraRed 100 highlights companies that “set new benchmarks for reliability, scalability, security, and innovation, enabling businesses to thrive in a cloud era and ushering a new paradigm of building applications”.

65 of the 100 companies included on the InfraRed 100 currently offer on-premises or managed single-tenant deployments of their software, highlighting how a self-managed deployment model continues to be instrumental in companies’ strategies to build the best software for their customers. Software companies offering self-managed software can help their customers full ownership and governance over their data and infrastructure, unlocking opportunities in industries like healthcare, financial services, and government agencies. Replicated’s robust product offering, from tools streamlining the distribution lifecycle to telemetry across customer environments, is paving the way towards transformative security, reliability, and insights for distribution of self-managed software. 

To continue celebrating The InfraRed 100, we are highlighting a handful of companies making an impact with their self-managed software. 

  1. Weights & Biases - Weights & Biases makes it easy to track your experiments, manage & version your data, and collaborate with your team so you can focus on building the best models.
  2. Dragonfly - Dragonfly is a source-available, multi-threaded Redis replacement built for modern cloud workloads. 
  3. Dataiku - Dataiku is a central solution for the design, deployment, and management of AI applications.
  4. KubeCost - Kubecost is a comprehensive cost monitoring & optimization solution for teams running Kubernetes.
  5. Scale - Scale leverages your enterprise data and safely unlocks the value of AI.

We are thrilled to be included on the InfraRed 100 with 99 other incredible companies. It’s an exciting time in the world of cloud infrastructure, and we can’t wait to see what the future of the industry brings!