Replicated Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program

David Hallinan
Aug 12, 2021
Replicated AWS Partnership

We here at Replicated are proud to announce that we have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program to help us accelerate our growth and provide customers with expanded installation options.

Replicated helps reduce friction for the ever-increasing number of global companies investing in on-premises software delivery and management. By partnering with AWS for this program, we feel confident in expanding that network and providing real solutions for independent software vendors (ISVs) of all sizes.

Replicated provides ISVs with the solutions they need to ship their software to any customer environment — Bare metal, GovCloud, VPC, vSphere, or even existing Kubernetes clusters. Starting today, ISVs can leverage Replicated through AWS to deploy their applications to the cloud, traditional data centers, or even secure air gapped environments while maintaining a single, cloud native architecture. Replicated also provides a suite of tools to create and manage customer licenses and enforce customer-specific entitlements, including expirations, features, usage limits, and more. Simply put, Replicated gives you everything you need to start shipping an installable version of your application securely and quickly.

What is the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program?

The APN Global Startup Program enables qualifying startups to gain product design wins, visibility, exposure, leads, and commercial opportunities. All of these are made possible with exclusive APN resources and dedicated Startup Partner Development Managers (PDM) with deep AWS knowledge and startup business experience that guide startups in their growth journey with APN. By becoming an APN Global Startup Partner, Replicated receives benefits such as a tailor-made plan for mapping the startup needs and opportunities to a selection of AWS services and APN programs, promotional support to drive visibility and awareness around the startup offering, and resources for helping startups sell and deploy innovative solutions on behalf of AWS shared end-customers.

Replicated and AWS = Perfect Partners

So, starting today, we’re thrilled to announce that independent software vendors can now buy Replicated through the AWS Marketplace at this listing. For more information or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with us here.