In the summer of 2015, Replicated was launched publicly with the help of our customers, investors and the press.

Travis CI, one of our first customers, provided a blog post about how they’re using Replicated to improve their containerized Enterprise version. How We Improved the Installation and Update Experience for Travis CI Enterprise.

Tom Preston-Werner, founder of GitHub where he faced many of the problems solved by Replicated, contributed some thoughts about why he is excited to be an investor & advisor to us. Replicated – An Easier Path from SaaS to Enterprise.

Ed Sim, patner at BoldStart Ventures, has been investing in enterprise software companies for over 20 years. He led the seed round for Replicated & was excited to share his thesis with the world. Replicated – A better way to deploy SaaS on-premise.

Ron Miller, who runs the enterprise beat at TechCrunch, was able to quickly grasp the value & opportunity of the Replicated Platform. Replicated Helps SaaS Applications Work Behind the Firewall.

Ben Kepes, contributor for Forbes and angel investor, recognized that Replicated could be the platform shift that creates a new dynamic in the way enterprise software is consumed. Replicated Aims To Help The SaaS Industry Move Beyond 10% Penetration.

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