Replicated Monthly Release Highlights June 2024

Alex Parker and Paige Calvert
Jun 3, 2024

Replicated Monthly Release Highlights - June 2024 

What’s New for Compatibility Matrix

Support for Kubernetes 1.30 on kind. Compatibility Matrix now supports creating Kind clusters running Kubernetes 1.30.

Alpha support for RKE2 and OKE. Compatibility Matrix added Alpha support for RKE2, a popular open-source distribution from Rancher. Compatibility Matrix also added Alpha support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE). By default, the ability to create OKE clusters is not enabled. To enable OKE clusters for Compatibility Matrix, contact Replicated at or submit a feature request in the Vendor Portal. Docs.

Notify teams when low on credits. Compatibility Matrix will now automatically send an email notification to admins when their team is low on credits. This helps teams to avoid any errors that can occur in automation when attempting to create a cluster without the sufficient credits.

Wildcard TLS tunnels for VM-based distributions. Expanding on our existing Alpha support for tunneling traffic into NodePort services for VM-based clusters, you can now expose ports to the internet with a wildcard DNS record and TLS certificate. Docs.

Dual IP family support on Kind. You can now create Kind clusters with a dual IPv4/IPv6 IP family to allow for the allocation of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Docs.

What’s New for Embedded Cluster BETA

Change Helm values for built-in extensions. With Embedded Cluster v1.2.0, you can configure unsupported overrides in the Embedded Cluster config to change the Helm values for any extensions deployed by Embedded Cluster, such as the KOTS or OpenEBS extensions. This allows you to edit these built-in extensions without requiring feature requests or changes to expose each individual setting. Docs.

Generate support bundles to troubleshoot embedded clusters. You can now run a command from the shell to generate a support bundle for any cluster created with Embedded Cluster. This support bundle always includes host-level information to help you troubleshoot failures related to host configuration like DNS, networking, or storage problems. If the cluster is available, the bundle also includes information about what is deployed in the cluster. Docs.

Alpha support for multi-node air gap clusters. Embedded Cluster v1.0.0 adds Alpha support for creating multi-node clusters in air gap environments. This expands our existing Alpha support for air gap embedded clusters, which previously included single-node clusters only. Docs.

What’s New for KOTS

Detect Embedded Cluster distributions with the Distribution template function. In KOTS 1.109.3 and later, the Distribution template function can be used to detect the Replicated Embedded Cluster distribution.

What’s New for the Vendor Portal  

Beta support for air gap telemetry. The Vendor Portal added Beta support for collecting telemetry on instances running in air gap environments with no outbound internet access. In air gap clusters, instance telemetry is stored in a Kubernetes Secret and then is shared back to the Vendor Portal when the customer generates and sends a support bundle. Air gap telemetry requires the Replicated SDK or KOTS 1.92.1 or later. The SDK is required to collect custom metrics for air gap instances. Docs.

Various UX improvements. We made several updates to the Vendor Portal UI to improve usability, including adding better labels and descriptions on the Custom Domains page, expanding the size of the Air gap bundle contents dialog to accommodate long filenames, and moving the Release installed in instance and Latest release in channel insights under the Versions Behind details on the Support Bundle Analysis page. These updates are all part of our efforts to continually improve the Vendor Portal user experience.

What’s New for Product Documentation

New topic on packaging air gap bundles for Helm charts. A new Packaging Air Gap Bundles for Helm Charts topic explains how and when to use the [.inline]builder[.inline] key in the KOTS HelmChart custom resource to package air gap bundles. This page also includes requirements and recommendations for the [.inline]builder[.inline] key and a couple common examples.

Improved the CLI installation docs for KOTS. The steps for installing applications with the KOTS CLI are updated to include everything that the user needs to do on a single page, including steps for both online and air gap installations. This makes it easier to use this topic as a quick reference for how to do CLI installations, without having to go to multiple different pages in the docs to find all the prerequisites.