Replicated Monthly Release Highlights - November 2023

Alex Parker, Kaylee McHugh
Nov 16, 2023

Gobble gobble - our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work getting big features ready in time for the holidays! It’s time for another fresh batch of exciting new capabilities available in the Replicated platform. Check out the recently shipped features and release highlights for November 2023 below.

What’s New for Compatibility Matrix

We’re thrilled to announce that the Compatibility Matrix has been promoted from Beta to GA and is now available to all Replicated customers. In addition, the Compatibility Matrix has many new improvements this month: 

  • Support for OpenShift 4.10.
  • Better cluster availability. You can now get AKS clusters faster with a larger warm pool. We also more than doubled the capacity for VM-based clusters.
  • There is now a Terraform provider for creating and managing Compatibility Matrix clusters.
  • When the Compatibility Matrix moved into GA, we added a 50 cent per cluster charge to accommodate additional costs. If there are any questions about this charge, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can always view your potential monthly cost on our Compatibility Matrix Pricing Calculator.

There are also Compatibility Matrix updates available on the Vendor Portal: 

  • Viewing quota and request quota increases within the vendor portal itself.
  • Viewing a cluster’s creator (person/account) and method of creation (CLI, UI, or GitHub Action) on the clusters and cluster history pages.
  • Viewing tags on the cluster and cluster history pages.
  • Seeing previously running clusters and associated costs on the cluster history page. 
  • See cluster stats on the cluster history page.
  • Tag clusters at creation:

What’s New for Vendor Portal

This month, we made improvements to the vendor portal and also pushed out new features. This includes: 

  • Export customer instances as JSON in addition to CSV. 
  • Tabular views for customers and channels. 
  • Enable bulk-exporting instance events across all an application’s customers. 
  • Release notes are now available for the vendor portal, so vendors can follow along and see what has changed. 

What’s New for KOTS and the Replicated SDK

Over the last month, we made the SDK more customizable:

In addition, we encourage all our vendors to install the SDK. Some functionality traditionally found in KOTS and kURL will be moving over to the SDK soon, and installing the SDK now will minimize issues down the road. For questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we can help you through the process. 

What’s New for Product Documentation

In our docs, we now have: 

That’s it for the November release highlights!

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