Replicated Release Monthly Highlights - February 2024

Kaylee Mchugh and Alex Parker
Feb 7, 2024

In February, it starts to feel like love is in the air… or should I say Compatibility? This month, we have a few great updates to our Compatibility Matrix, the vendor portal, and more. Check out the recently shipped features and release highlights for February 2024 below.

What’s New for KOTS and the Replicated SDK

You can now deploy KOTS on ARM nodes (KOTS v1.107.0). Many have requested ARM support for KOTS over the years. We’ve seen an uptick recently, as ARM becomes more common and more developers have Macs with ARM processors. Now KOTS can be deployed to Kubernetes clusters with ARM nodes, and developers with ARM-based Macs can run clusters with KOTS locally for development. The KOTS air gap bundle is updated to include images for both ARM and AMD architectures. Note that kURL does not support ARM and likely will not due to development on embedded cluster instead.

What’s New for Compatibility Matrix

Compatibility Matrix now includes: 

  • Support for K3s 1.29.0

Additional support changes: 

  • Removal of support for GKE 1.24, as GKE removed support for creating clusters with this version

What’s New for Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal now surfaces air gap build errors and build status on the channel card. Previously, if an air gap build failed, we only displayed the error in the release history view, making it easy to miss. Now the channel cards show the air gap build status for the latest channel release. This draws more attention to the error, helping vendors find and fix issues.

Vendors can now click on the adoption rate numbers shown on the main channel card view to dive directly into a filtered list of customers running that application version. This allows vendors to more easily see which customers are contributing to the adoption numbers. 

We added improved display/interactivity of custom metrics to better support higher metric volumes. Vendors can now easily search, filter, and expand time-series graphs for any relevant custom metric.

What’s New for Product Documentation

New Introduction to Replicated content based on the Software Development Lifecycle. The Introduction to Replicated topic is rewritten to align with the phases of the updated Software Development Lifecycle (develop, test, license, release, install, report, support), including a new diagram and descriptions of the Replicated features that support each phase.

Want to learn more about these new features and what Replicated does to help vendors distribute software to self-hosted environments? We would love to show you -- click here to schedule a demo.