Replicated Troubleshoot

Grant Miller
Mar 14, 2019

Replicated is releasing a major improvement to our support bundle tool and renaming the expanded feature to Replicated Troubleshoot.

Support bundles have long been a core feature of Replicated, enabling vendors to collect a myriad of information from their on-prem customers’ instances for analysis and remediation. With Replicated Troubleshoot, application vendors can take greater control of what is collected, what is removed, when it is collected, how it is messaged, how bundles are processed once they’re collected from the customer and how updates to this functionality is rolled out to customers.

Specifically, Replicated Troubleshoot introduces the following new functionality:

  1. Run Troubleshoot independently, even when the Replicated core services aren’t working.
  2. Version and release support bundle definitions (aka collectors) via channels.
  3. Granular control of core support bundle generation functions.
  4. Advanced redaction capabilities.
  5. Lifecycle steps to control end-user messaging.
  6. Pre-built analyzers to speed remediation by having common issues quickly identified and surfaced.

We started rolling Troubleshoot out to application vendors over the last two months and it is now generally available to all Replicated accounts.