The Replicated Booth at KubeCon Chicago: Lots of Swag, and Announcing New Features!

Kaylee McHugh
Oct 30, 2023

We’ve been preparing for KubeCon Chicago for months and are looking forward to saying hello to old friends, meeting new ones, and showing off what we’ve been building. We’re excited to be sponsoring a gold booth this year, and can be easily found at C10 – right past the main entrance and next to the Rancher booth. Keep an eye out for a booth that looks like this:

As you can see from the booth, we have some new features to share with everyone who will be at KubeCon. 

The Builders Plan: Our new product plan, The Builders Plan, is perfect for ISVs who have customers using Helm charts. ISVs who select the Builders Plan will get the flexibility to leverage any installer they prefer, starting with Helm Charts, and expanding to include Operators and/or their own proprietary tooling.

The Compatibility Matrix: The Compatibility Matrix helps you test your application against 60,000+ different distros, platforms, versions, and configs. Now, you can catch bugs in customer-environments before they get to your customers. To qualifying customers, we’re offering $100 in free Compatibility Matrix credits on the spot at KubeCon. Stop by the booth to claim yours! 

What to look out for at our booth:

Fun Swag: We’re bringing the whole store and more to KubeCon. Stop by to check out our keychains, hoodies, K8s hats, and more! 

Free Compatibility Matrix Credits: As mentioned above, we’re offering $100 in free Compatibility Matrix credits to qualifying companies. Stop by the booth to chat with our team and claim yours. 

Demos of Our New Features: Want to see how easy it is to provision a customer-representative test environment in two minutes? Stop by to see a demo and learn more. 

Our Founders: Grant and Marc always look forward to KubeCon so they can connect with our customers and see what’s new in the Kubernetes ecosystem. If you see them, say hi!