Here Comes Trouble: Troubleshoot and Amazon EKS Anywhere Partnership

Marc Campbell

• 2021-09-07

Troubleshoot Amazon EKS Partnership

It can be lonely being early with an idea.  Every first mover and category-defining startup has felt the frustration of knowing that they’re onto something big while having to wait for their vision to enter the mainstream consciousness.

Since 2015, the Replicated team has been on a mission to simplify and modernize the delivery of 3rd-party enterprise software. We made a strategic bet on containers and Kubernetes because we believed that the abstractions, reliability patterns, and primitives provided by these core technologies would power the next generation of enterprise software. We also felt that delivering applications to enterprise end-users wherever they wanted to run them was a crucial part of that value proposition.

When we first started Replicated, my co-founder Grant Miller would get skeptical glances from opinionated investors who believed that the world would move to a 100% SaaS delivery model and never look back. Now, six years later, and after closing our Series B and C rounds within nine months of each other, the industry seems to be acknowledging that maybe our vision wasn’t so crazy after all.

Today we power the multi-prem versions of over 110 enterprise independent software vendors. We enable folks like Automation Anywhere, CircleCI, HashiCorp, Puppet, and UiPath to deliver their applications to security-conscious organizations worldwide wherever these customers wish to deploy them. By partnering with Replicated, these teams can lower their operational costs and accelerate time to market by focusing on innovating their core product.

As a bunch of Open Source and K8s geeks, we are incredibly proud and humbled that the Amazon EKS Anywhere team has chosen to leverage our project to automate and simplify the installation and troubleshooting experience for EKS Anywhere and EKS Distro users everywhere. 

Furthermore, as an APN Partner and Marketplace solution, we are beyond excited to participate in the launch of an on-premises K8s offering from AWS, the canonical public cloud provider. 

We have always believed that Kubernetes’ ubiquity would mark a new era in the evolution of the market. We think that EKS Anywhere will further accelerate and broaden the adoption of Kubernetes in the enterprise and enable a diverse array of use cases that will make K8s accessible to even more organizations and markets.

It’s been a long time coming, but we couldn’t be happier about the way things have unfolded, and we can’t wait to move forward with the AWS team and see what happens next. To learn more about Troubleshoot, please visit the site here.