Some of the most technical companies use Replicated to distribute the enterprise versions of their applications.

"This is so clearly the future of Enterprise software, it really shouldn't matter where an application is deployed anymore."

Rod Boothby, Co-founder, npm

"We built Terraform. We built Packer. We built all of these tools that theoretically you glue together and you get an on-prem installer. Turns out there is a lot more to it."

Mitchell Hashimoto, Founder, HashiCorp

"With the help of Replicated we can offer companies a similarly hassle-free setup and maintenance experience as on our cloud platform."

Todd Tidwell, CTO, GitPrime

"One of our partners, a large BI platform, said that installing Kraken with Replicated was the easiest on-prem installation he'd ever done, and he does a lot of installs."

Nick Magnuson, VP, Product & Engineering, BigSquid

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