Join these innovative vendors delivering on-prem, enterprise SaaS with Replicated.

Available as a SaaS or private install, Terraform Enterprise provides collaboration and governance capabilities. For organizations, it enables policy and governance to confidently provision at scale.

HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise

CircleCI Enterprise delivers the same CI and CD platform that developers love with the added security and configurability that comes from running inside your private cloud or data center.

CircleCI Enterprise
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Waffle is a free project management tool powered by your GitHub Issues and Pull Requests. Interact with your Issues and Pull Requests from one or more repositories in the form of cards on a board.

Waffle Enterprise
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Code Climate is the first open platform for automated code review, on your servers. Replicated's installer makes it quick to get up and running behind your firewall, on a public cloud like AWS or your own hardware.

Code Climate Enterprise
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Travis CI lets your team test and deploy with confidence. Trusted by 250,000 users, on over 300,000 open source projects, Travis CI is the leading hosted continuous integration system.

Travis CI Enterprise
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npm Enterprise helps large teams share, discover, and re-use code β€” behind the corporate firewall β€” so they can build amazing things. Run the same software that serves 4 billion package installs every month β€” behind your firewall and totally under your control.

NPM Enterprise

Sysdig is the container visibility company, dedicated to making containers viable and mainstream by offering production-quality visibility into containerized applications, without sacrificing any of the benefits that make containers great.

Sysdig Enterprise
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GitPrime is performance management for software development. Engineering leaders use concrete data to guide strategic decisions, increase team productivity, reduce risk, and offer data-driven reporting to stakeholders.

GitPrime Enterprise
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ReadMe provides every company the ability to easily create beautiful documentation, and build loyal, productive developer communities. With ReadMe, build developer portals that combine support, tutorials, topical guides and API exploration.

ReadMe Enterprise

Automated testing is one of the most important parts of software development, Coveralls gives you language agnostic coverage analysis on unlimited source-code repositories all hosted on your own servers, with all the features of the cloud version of Coveralls.

Coveralls Enterprise
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Jama is a modern requirements management solution for complex systems development. Jama is software for better, faster requirements definition, management, verification and validation, from inception to production.

Jama Enterprise
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Plotly is a collaborative platform for analyzing, graphing, and sharing data. It's like GitHub, for data and graphs. Users get powerful analytical tools to make sense of data with beautiful graphs.

Plotly Enterprise

Cucumber makes your team amazing. At a glance, Cucumber might just look like another tool for running automated tests. But it’s more than that.

Cucumber Enterprise

Enthought's mission is to significantly improve the way scientific computing is accomplished by providing powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization. Scientists first, developers second.

Enthought Enterprise

Hiptest believe that Agile and DevOps teams deserve modern tooling to ensure quality at the speed of continuous delivery. That's why they created a continuous testing platform that supports Behavior Driven Development and test automation at scale.

Hiptest Enterprise
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Private Packagist makes installing your code with Composer faster, more reliable and more convenient than any alternative.

Private Packagist

Greenkeeper is a friendly bot that tells you when updates to your dependencies break your software. It automatically detects the latest working version and you can then choose to either immediately fix the issue or just pin the dependency so you can get back to it once you have the time.

Greenkeeper Enterprise