replicated for:

SaaS Companies

Distribute your software to complex customer-managed K8s environments

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Expand your market and win more business

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Offer the same great experience everywhere

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Streamline your releases and support efforts

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Replicated solves multiple problems for Software Vendors.

Lost revenue opportunities due to customer on-prem requirements

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Reach customers concerned about latency, privacy, and security

Cost of building and maintaining tooling for on-prem and air gap

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Deliver a fast time-to-live installation in any K8s environment

Inconsistent releases, manual licensing, and difficult updates

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Align your on-prem software versions with your SaaS products

How does Replicated work?

Key features for SaaS vendors:

command line


Distribute your application to existing Kubernetes clusters (or create new ones) on customer-managed infrastructure

Air gap environments

Create one-line install commands and zipped applications, updates, and support logs for air gap locations

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Version management

Define releases, couple them with K8s distributions, and deliver automated updates with semantic versioning

Why should you choose Replicated?

You'll be in good company. Replicated has helped hundreds of SaaS companies like you sell more, install faster, and reduce support burden/costs!

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"Replicated is helping us acquire more and more customers. We saved a lot of time and money by not building this ourselves. We are deploying the cloud version and the on-prem version of our software on nearly the same day. It's really great."

Alex Circei
CEO and Co-Founder
alex circei