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Software Vendors

Distribute your software to complex customer-managed K8s environments

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Modernize your software for K8s and cloud

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Expand your market and sell to new customers

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Focus on product innovation, not installation tools

A vendor's app being installed on K8s

Replicated solves multiple problems for Software Vendors.

Deliver to customers who lack Kubernetes clusters (and skills)

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Distribute a complete package of a pre-defined K8s cluster along with your app

Slow and painful POCs in diverse customer environments

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Install faster in on-prem, cloud, and even air gap locations

The endless burden on your field engineers and developers

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Quickly troubleshoot issues before install and in production

How does Replicated work?

Key features for software vendors:

command line


One-line install commands for your application into an existing or new (embedded) K8s cluster that you've defined to fit your app

Pre-flight checks

Out-of-the-box and custom checks of the application and environment to ensure install success

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Streamlined support

Aggregated support log bundles and expert K8s help whenever you need it to resolve tricky issues faster

Why should you choose Replicated?

You'll be in good company. Replicated has helped hundreds of software companies sell more, install faster, and reduce support burden and costs.

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“We partnered with Replicated to accelerate our delivery of a cloud native architecture for our products. Replicated gives us tools that hide some of the complexities of configuring, deploying and running Kubernetes. This helps simplify our customers’ experience with our product.”

Abby Kearns
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