Embedded Kubernetes Option

Replicated provides the underlying Kubernetes installer based on industry leading open-source components.​

Industry leading components

By default Replicated’s open source embedded Kubernetes solution, kURL, provides an open source, production-grade, airgapped Kubernetes installer combining upstream k8s with overlays and popular components. kURL starts with Kubeadm and includes Contour, Rook, Weave, Prometheus, Docker and a registry.

Custom installer with kurl.sh

Customize your Kubernetes installer with kURL (kurl.sh) to meet your application’s requirements. Pin to specific version numbers of each component and overlay additional components to create a custom distro that can be managed as part of your Replicated release channels.

Existing Cluster Installation

Install into an existing cluster with our pre-packaged kubectl plugins for licensing, configuration, and environment conformance testing.

The only existing cluster option

Replicated Vendor is the first and only platform on the market to allow installations to an existing cluster.

Pre-packaged kubectl plugins

Installations are made easy with our suite of kubectl plugins for installingtroubleshootingpreflight checks, and unforking upstream repos.


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